Alex Gifford is a summa cum laude graduate from George Mason University. A Game Design major and general computer dork, he’s at home working with all facets of game development, with a particular knack for sound design. He’s an experienced C# and C++ programmer, developer in the Unity and Unreal 4 engines, music composer, foley artist, and over-eager designer. He worked as a lead gameplay programmer for Puddle Jump Games, sound director for Patriot Slam, and managing lead for many independent projects, including Cropkick, Rhythm Callie, and RNTrain. In his spare time, Alex acts as a professional Dungeon Master, wannabe novelist, and general game fanatic. 

Alex currently provides music and foley design for Tower Alchemy along with serving as lead level designer. He develops intricate levels as well as provides snappy sound effects and music that appear in the game. Contact available at alexgiff@comcast.net.